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::: Proposed Dispensary Block at University of Dodoma

::: Proposed Academic Offices at University of Dodoma

::: Proposed Cafeteria Block at University of Dodoma

::: Proposed Administration Offices at University of Dodoma

::: Proposed Canteen Blocks at University of Dodoma

::: Proposed Sports Facilities at University of Dodoma

::: Construction and Completion of Airport Terminal, Control Tower, Power House Buildings, Civil and Miscellaneous Works at Mwanza

::: CDC Renovation Projects-Tanzania Solicitation No. SGE50007D1025

::: Construction of Care & Treatment Clinics at Monduli, Nkoaranga, Wasso

::: Convent and Associated External Works for The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer at Plot A, Block H, at Chamazi, Temeke Municipality

::: Recreational Centre for the US Embassy, Dar es Salaam

::: Fuel Depot at Plot Nos. 29 & 31, Vijibweni, Dar es Salaam

::: Joint Social Services Programme, Phase III BMZ ID 2002 65 181

::: Proposed Apartments for Msimbazi Creek Housing Estate Ltd

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Bish brings effective control to every project with high calibre project management. We identify and control the development process, and manage and co-ordinate the design and construction teams. This allows the Client to focus on key issues and make decisions based upon accurate and timely information.

We provide full project management and specialist services for Clients in a broad range of sectors on a variety of projects from small office developments to hospitals and fuel depots.

Technology - We place great emphasis on the development of a co- ordinated plan to manage, control and monitor projects throughout all stages. Our staff are trained in the use of computerized management programming techniques. Our suite of computers is networked to allow easy exchange of information. We also have laptop computers which enable executive decisions to be made promptly onsite and at meetings.


Services - We offer services specifically tailored to the particular needs of the Client. In addition to our full project management and programming services we also provide the following:

Development Studies
Construction Management
Capital Investment Planning
Value Engineering Studies
Commissioning Management
Planned Maintenance
Facilities Management
Development Audit


Programming - We offer a comprehensive programming service as an integral part of a full project management appointment.

We have many years of experience of planning major construction projects during the design, construction and commissioning stages.

Reporting - We produce regular reports detailing the progress achieved on all activities.

These reports will highlight:
Summary of overall progress
Progress of individual operations
Early identification of problems
Proposed corrective action

Benefits - We place great emphasis on the development of coordinated plans, using the latest computer programming techniques to manage and control the entire development process. The benefits of this service include:

Confidence in the total development timeframe
Co-ordination of all activities
Control of information flow
Identification of critical path, key dates and restraints
Appraisal of contractor information
Controlled commissioning and occupation by the end-user
Early warning of potential problems

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  • Rehabilitation of 98 Hospitals in Tanzania to Accommodate Diagnostic Equipment

    Muhimbili Orthopedic Institute, Dar es Salaam

    Refugee Settlement, Chogo, Handeni District

    ILO East and Central Offices, Dar es Salaam

    Construction of Eastern Zonal Blood Transfusion Centre National Headquarters, Mchikichini

    Clinic for HIV/AIDS Care, Mwananyamala & Amana, Dar es Salaam

    Construction of Blood Transfusion Centre, Sebleni, Zanzibar

  • Zonal Blood Transfusion Centres, Moshi, Mwanza & Mbeya

    Centre for the Enhancement of Malaria Interventions at NIMR Headquarters, Dar es Salaam

    Renovation of Fire-damaged Sea Cliff Hotel, Dar es Salaam

    Hostel, Mzumbe University, Morogoro

    Extension of the Faculty of Law Building, Mzumbe University, Morogoro

    Library Complex, Mzumbe University, Morogoro

    Proposed Warehouse for Engen Petroleum (T) Ltd, Dar es Salaam